事件 range from the Fillmore Glen Days 和 浴缸里的比赛 in the summer to Holiday Traditions Museum Open House in December. 

找个低调点的?  看看一年一度的纽约薰衣草节, 或者回到斯特林文艺复兴节. 

访问我们的 事件日历 for a full listing of events, fairs, 和 festivals happening every month all year long!

The annual 50-mile 90号公路车库拍卖 takes on a festival atmosphere each year as friends, 家庭, 偶尔还有家里的狗, 去寻找惊喜. 沿着90号公路的路边延伸, 一条纽约州风景秀丽的小路, 销售从北部的蒙特祖玛开始, 到南边的荷马村. Along the way you will find everything imaginable from antique 和irons to zebra prints 和 everything in between.  Always the last full weekend in July, from 9 am to 5 pm both days, rain, or shine. 充满创意(和美味)!) 食物 options are available to help fuel your inner bargain-hunter. 当地的俱乐部, 消防部门和组织准备早餐, 烤销售, 还有50英里外的烧烤店.

1990年被正式定为全国性节日, 哈丽特·塔布曼节 is observed each year to honor her heroic work as a freedom fighter on the date of her passing on March 10, 1913. 和我们一起来到奥本城, NY—the chosen hometown 和 final resting place of 哈丽特塔布曼—for the annual celebration 和 observance of this American Hero. 招待会将邀请特别嘉宾, 现场音乐, 官方公告, 纪念海报, 和 更多的是为了庆祝哈丽特·塔布曼·戴维斯的一生和遗产.


体验一个难忘的周末, supporting the women 和 non-binary individuals of NY’s flourishing craft beverage industry in the epicenter of equal rights heritage. This festival features specialty tours special guests 和 the coolest brew fest in town.

The weekend starts with the Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day 和 concludes with the Fire 和 Ice Festival. Activities include roaring fire pits, 现场音乐, 食物, 酒, beer, fireworks 和 entertainment. 不要错过壮观的冰雕和雪橇酒!

八月的第二个星期天, the quaint village of Fair Haven transforms into a musical destination with porches becoming stages. 音乐家, ranging from full b和s to solo artists — playing instruments ranging from ukuleles to alpenhorns will take to the “stages” to give performances from noon to 6 p.m. Food, trucks 和 供应商 add to the party atmosphere through the village.

Annual running, bicycling, 和 paddling race is held the second Sunday in August in Auburn. Young, old, serious racer 和 beginners all compete for glory…和 the pursuit of fun! All participants 和 spectators are invited to the after-race celebration complete with music, 食物, 和饮料.  Feel free to enjoy the day at beautiful Emerson Park on Owasco lake with all the 伟大的比赛rs!

一年一度的春节番茄节将带来一天的现场音乐表演, 食物, 家庭活动, 供应商, 和 more to downtown Auburn on the second Sunday in September. The festival which supports local 食物 pantries, takes place from 11 a.m. 到晚上7点.m. on Genesee Street between South 和 William/Dill streets in the city. 

Join us all month long for celebrations to commemorate Black 和 African American freedom 和 achievements. 对我们来说,六月节意义深远. 作为哈丽特·塔布曼的家, 美国废奴主义者和活动家, 六月节的精神在奥本蓬勃发展. Tubman’s strength 和 courage are honored across several open-to-the-public historical sites that pay tribute to her life 和 fight for freedom. 一定要去参观 哈丽特·塔布曼的遗产地 和我们一起庆祝六月节.  

Foodies 和 酒 lovers unite 和 enjoy local 酒s with specially prepared 食物 at the annual Lake Ontario Food, 酒, 以及在Fair Haven的Colloca Estate 酒ry举办的爵士音乐节™, 纽约. 一天的美食, 酒, 和 jazz overlooking Fair Haven Bay along the 900′ of unobstructed waterfront that the Estate has to offer. 当地的酒庄, 精酿啤酒公司, 苹果汁, 和 distilleries will convene at Colloca Estate 酒ry providing you with the opportunity to sample local 酒s 和 other craft beverages 和 spirits. Specialty 从农场到餐桌 bites will be prepared 和 made available for sale to accompany the 酒s.

斯特林舞台民俗节 斯特林舞台剧院
Held annually on Memorial Day Weekend this festival features folk, roots 和 jam b和s. 所有门票都包括过夜帐篷露营. Sicard Hollow headlines the 2024 Sterling Stage Folkfest with two Sunday night sets! 《hg030皇冠手机版》周六晚上有两场比赛! 计数囊胚两个星期五晚上的集合! 一个人. 乐队周四晚上有两场演出! 与凯蒂·亚历山德拉共度深夜音乐,莫·米奇克 & 跳泥者和乡巴佬! 另外,还有很多!

菲尔莫天 & 浴缸里的比赛

菲尔莫天 are held annually on the second weekend in August. 该活动是免费的,包括现场音乐, 本地精酿啤酒, 酒, 食物, 工匠小贩和, 当然, 浴缸赛跑. 这些比赛是为了纪念摩拉维亚本地人和前美国人.S. 米勒德·菲尔莫尔总统, 和 refer to a famous hoax that says he brought the first bathtub into the White House. 

If you have never seen a bathtub race you don’t know what you are missing!

在Ol 'Factory薰衣草农场举办的纽约薰衣草节

Celebrate everything lavender with a peaceful day on the farm! Pick large bundles of the fragrant herb right from the fields, sample some of their wonderful lavender treats including ice cream sundaes with their very own lavender syrup, 啜饮凉茶, 品尝薰衣草葡萄酒和其他葡萄酒. Enjoy a picnic lunch from the wonderful 食物 供应商 then visit with our talented artisan 供应商. You will find one-of-a-kind creations from jewelry to pottery to painted glass 和 wood items. Partake in one of the lavender workshops 和 listen to some great musical entertainment.



Merriment awaits at the Festival at Warwick Welcome… The year is 1585. 你已经进入了沃里克村, 英格兰, 离繁华的伦敦城不远的一个乡村小镇. Step through the beautiful gates 和 you will soon find yourself greeted by the town’s jubilant citizens, 谁会热情地欢迎你成为他们的一员. The rules of everyday life are suspended for this special day of play 和 feasting. Be so bold as to join your fellow villagers in traditional 1585 garb 和 whatever amusements they have created for the day.

年度事件 & 节日